Common Pests for Summer

 With summer in full swing we’ve been getting a whole heap of enquiries about pesky summer pests with the increase in the number of wasps and insects flying and crawling about your business premises, home and grounds.

We’re here to help with your summer pests whether they’re making themselves at home in your garden, home, office or warehouse.

Summer pests – what will you see and until when?

There are a number of insects that thrive in the warmer weather meaning they’ll like to make an appearance for the whole of the summer. Risks of an infestation is high with wasps, ants, mice and flies among the most common alongside bedbugs, fleas, mosquitos and cockroaches.

These critters are likely to stay well into September and October when the warm weather begins to disappear.

Have a look at some of our summer pest prevention tips below to help you stay free from pests this summer:

Keep outside areas clean to avoid unwanted wasps

Unwanted wasps are right up there with the most annoying pests in summer stealing food and pestering outside diners. If you are noticing an increase in wasps then make sure you keep an eye out for nests and if one develops near your home or business then you should call an expert as soon as possible to seek treatment. We do not recommend trying to remove the nest yourself, even if you think you know what you are doing. Wasps are very territorial and will fiercely defend their home.

Don’t attract ants by leaving food lying around

Ants are another pest that loves food and will always be on the look out for any crumbs and spills as they will eat almost anything. Keeping ants away from your home or business shouldn’t be too hard and good cleaning habits such as wiping up any spillages and storing food correctly is the best way to avoid an ant infestation.

If you do get a problem most ‘do-it-yourself’ ant control approaches will only kill the ants you see. Only truly effective treatments can penetrate and destroy nests to help prevent these pests from returning. Also, home remedies don’t account for the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments therefore we’d always recomend calling a pest control expert if you get a problem.

Don’t let rodents holiday in your property

Rodents are a pest that can be found throughout the year and during the summer months they’ll be more than happy to set up shop in your business or home seeking food and water. Rodents can cause major damage at your property and squeezing through gaps of just 15mm, so it’s worth checking any access points are properly sealed and holes filled.

Rats can harbour and transmit a number of serious diseases. They can also introduce disease-carrying parasites such as fleas and ticks into your home.

It is not advisable to handle any wild rodent. They are equipped with large teeth and are capable of transmitting a variety of bacteria, viruses and diseases through their saliva, faeces and urine. 

Therefore if you locate a rodent within your home, it is best to contact a pest management professional for removal and identification. The presence of one rodent within a home could signal an infestation. 

Avoid the pain of fly or mosquito season

Summer is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos who love nothing more than to nibble on those enjoying the summer evenings.

The best way to repel flies is through simple, preventive measures. Flies prefer warm temperatures and are most active from late spring to early autumn. In order to best repel flies during this time, limit access to your home as much as possible, keeping doors and windows closed. You may also choose to screen windows, doors and vents. Keep garbage cans clean and securely closed. Keeping surfaces clean will make your home less appealing to flies and make sure you get rid of any stagnant or standing water to avoid creating areas where they can breed.. For best results, contact a pest control professional to discuss extermination options.

Although summer pests can be challenging to deal with, don’t let infestations and pest problems ruin your sun-summer months. If you’d like more information about our pest infestation services? Contact the team on 01202 042814. 


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