Woodworm Treatment in Bournemouth

We get a number of calls from customers in Bournemouth who are suffering with woodworm – most often in their attic. So what signs should you be looking for and what should you do if you do find signs of woodworm at your property.

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Woodworm is the larvae of wood boring beetles that if left can cause damage to timber which could in turn cause issues with your properties structure.

What are the signs of woodworm at your property

If you’ve discovered woodworm, the good news is that it rarely created major issues unless core components of your property such as the roofing frame, stairs or windows become heavily contaminated. That said, it’s imperative that if there is any potential that you have an issue, you seek expert attention fast!

Typically, woodworm will be attracted to damper timbers which can often be found in cool, drafty spaces away from heating. This is why woodworm is often found in lofts or under the stairs.

Common signs of woodworm includes:

  • Woodworm larvae – (also known as wood grub) and is usually creamy white in colour.
  • Bore dust – (also known as frass) this looks like sawdust and is usually visibile on or around the timber. The dust is created when the beetle emerges from the timber.
  • Holes and tunnels – fresh exit holes and tunnels may be visible in the wood.
  • Weak or damaged floor boards – a sign of a more serious infestation – weak or damaged floor boards should be addressed immediately.
  • Beetles – can be found both alive and/or dead – live beetles often come out of the wood when looking to mate, while beetles will also come out of the wood and may be unable to escape the property before dying.
  • Eggs – often difficult to spot, but eggs can also be found around the property.

 If you notice any of these at your property then give us a call, we cover the whole of Bournemouth and will happily carry out a free woodworm survey. Before putting together a treatment programme that will work for your problem.

Establishing what type of woodworm you have?

There are four different types of woodworm that causes issues in the UK and each type attacks different types of wood. The beetle that you need to look out for is the House Longhorn beetle – this can cause dangerous structural damage so act quickly if you identify it at your home.

  • Common Furniture Beetle – majority of damage at UK properties can be attributed to the common furniture beetle. It’s most commonly found in broken branches of trees and areas where the tree bark has been removed.
  • Deathwatch Beetle – infestations will normally be found in hardwoods such as seasoned oak, ash or sweet chestnut which has been subjected to fungal decay. This woodworm is most commonly found in historic buildings
  • House Longhorn Beetle – mainly found in the South East, particularly north west Surrey and to a lesser extent in London
  • Powder Post Beetle – infestations occur in hardwoods such as Oak, Walnut, Elm, Ash, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut and African Mahogany

Woodworm can be devastating for timbers and could cause costly structural damage. Identify woodworm in your commercial or residential property today and save yourself time and money in the future.

How to prevent woodworm

The best way of preventing a woodworm infestation is to keep an eye out for damp in your home or business. Although damp doesn’t always cause woodworm, it definitely can attract and make woodworm thrive. Ensuring your home doesn’t have any signs of damp is the best prevention tactic. Find out more about how you can prevent a woodworm infestation by contacting our team on 01202 042814.


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