How to Get Rid of Ants

We explain how to get rid of Ants from your home for good! We all enjoy the spring and summer, warmer weather and longer days are great, sadly this time of year brings out the Ants.

Discovering a trail of ants in your home is frustrating for us all and getting rid of ants can be difficult. Ants enter the home for a number of reasons, food, shelter moisture, shelter and temperatures. Understanding why and where Ants are entering your property it important to getting rid of them permanently.

Getting Rid of Ants Indoors

 If you spot Ants in the home it’s important to understand what’s attracting them. A drip of something sweet on a work top, honey down the side of a jar or dishes in the sink, can all be the source. By cleaning up whatever is enticing the Ants into your home you may minimise any infestation.

Ants use pheromones to leave a trail behind for other ants, simply bushing the ants away won’t remove the trail. Using a spray of one part vinegar to three parts water, spray it everywhere you’ve spotted ants to destroy their pheromone trails.

Ants dislike certain smells so using citrus, peppermint or lavender at entry points can help to repel ans from entering the home. If you are considering using chemicals then its advisable to seek professional advice as some can be harmful to pets and children.

How to stop Ants from entering your property

  • Identify entry points – Watch the ants and see how they are entering your property, using caulk to seal the entry points as well as any exposed cracks and exposed crevices in windows and doors.
  • Remove rubbish – Ensuring you take bins out regularly and make sure bins are covered especially in the kitchen, will really help reduce the Ant appeal of your home.
  • Keep up the cleaning – Making sure work surfaces are cleaned regularly and that any spills are mopped up will go a long way in reducing the attraction for ants
  • Sweet and Sticky – foods need to be kept in sealed containers or wrapped in cling film to stop pesky ants from homing in on them.

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Getting rid of ants permanently

Unfortunately Ants can be tricky to remove for good and all to often you’ll stop them from coming in only for them to come back in a matter of weeks. Typically we see this with most of the shelf products, they kill a small number of ants initially seeming to deal with the problem but they don’t get the job fully done.

Contacting a professional, who will take the time to correctly identify the species of ant and come up with a treatment plan is the only way to guarantee ants are removed permanently from your home or garden.

If you are facing a stubborn Ant problem or a large infestation call us today for free advice on getting rid of Ants.



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