Bird Prevention – Top Tips For Prevention At Your Property

Bird control is extremely important in areas where some birds can become a nuisance – left alone they can cause damage to property. This can in turn lead to costly repairs or a loss in business for commercial customers. Some bird species also harbour diseases that can be transmitted to humans and are classified as public health threats. Therefore, it’s important to try to prevent any problems and manage them if it they do occur.

Here are some top prevention tips which can help reduce the possibility of having problems with birds:

Ensure you keep areas where birds can feed to a minimum

Bird feeders are great for the garden to encourage a whole array of birds but if you aren’t keen on having too many birds at your property then it’s important you don’t give them access to food. This includes making sure that bins are covered and kept closed, any food debris spilled in areas that birds can get access to is cleared up and be careful with overfilling bird feeders.

Reduce the number of places for the birds to roost

Have a scout around your property to ensure that there aren’t any obvious areas for birds to roost. Trim back any overhanging trees in problem areas and keep an eye out for signs of nesting. If you do notice a nest, then do not remove it. Instead give us a call and we’ll be able to advise what if anything can be done.

Keep your gutters clean and free from water or debris

Birds often look for areas with water, so keeping your gutters clean can also help prevent attracting birds.

Consider bird proofing solutions

Whether it’s pigeons, gulls, starlings or corvids (the crow family) there are a number of proofing solutions that are suitable.

Solar Panels offer a great nesting site for birds – so if there are panels on your property consider a solar panel proofing solution stops birds from getting under the panels protecting them and removing the chance of the birds nesting.

Bird netting, bird wire and bird spikes can also be used to either close off or deter access meaning viable nesting sites are closed off and birds are deterred from the area.

Think you may have an issue? Seek professional help

If you do have an issue, seek professional help. Using professional bird prevention and removal services are important to effectively and safely remove any problem birds.

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